Disable telemetry,location tracking and other tracking service of windows 10

Microsoft latest operating system windows 10 comes up with lot's of feature,Some of the feature may put the privacy of user in risk.A new open-source application used to stop all telemetry and tracking services of Windows 10.

The application makes certain changes including:
  • Disabling Telemetry services.
  • Disabling tracking services.
  • Disabling data logging
  • Block tracking by editing the host file.
Follow the below steps to disable windows 10 tracking
  1. Download DisableWinTracking.exe
  2. Run as Administrator
  3. Choose the options which user want to block
  4. Press "Get privacy!"
Follow the below steps to revert
  1. Download DisableWinTracking.exe below
  2. Open it. It should request for administrator privileges.
  3. Choose any/all of the options you'd like
  4. Press "Revert"
  5. That's it!
The entire code is available for inspection on GitHub. Microsoft hasn’t commented on the application yet.

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