"Monopoly" a deep web forum database hacked by a "wOrm" forum user

The user of hacking forum wOrm posted a stolen databases and information of another hacking forum monopoly.The hacked database is available for sum of $500.

Hacking Forum wOrm is popular for hacking server of BBC, CNET, VICE, the Washington Post and many more,W0rm is also known for selling zero-day exploits and they are priced anywhere from $500 and upwards to $30,000.

Hacked Database includes:

  • User Information
  • Credit Card Information
  • Botnets
  • and,Spamming tools

Monopoly is an dark web forum all by itself with a leaning towards botnets, spam and credit card fraud. The user on w0rm is selling the Monopoly database, as revealed by a recent tweet posted by the hacking forum.

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