iOS 9 Software Update Failed? Fix It Now

Apple has rolled out the latest iOS 9 for iPHONE, users are getting to many new features.  However, Lot's of iPhone and iPad users are facing difficulty while updating the device.
Apple users are complaining that,they are getting a error message "Software Update Failed, an error occurred downloading iOS 9" when trying o update the device to latest iOS 9.  Apple said that error is due to heavy load on server.Apple Support writes: “IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be patient w/ iOS9 as due to the overwhelming numbers of downloads, it may not download right away. Thanks!”
 If you are getting the error using Over the Air update, try the following process to get upgrade the device.

  1. Launch iTunes on your desktop
  2. Connect your iPHONE to desktop using usb cable
  3. Allow the iTunes to automatically detect the device
  4. Select the iPHONE device in iTunes which you want to update
  5. iTunes will show a notification that "iOS 9 is available for download"
  6. Download the iOS 9 by click on notification bar
  7. The iTunes will display message: “iTunes is installing a software update for this iPhone and will install it when the download is complete.”
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