Snapchat is now forcing jailbreak users to upgrade to the latest version.

It looks like Snapchat isn’t resting on its laurels once it involves securing its product. when it surfaced that Snapchat was setting out to exclude anybody who used Snapchat-centric jailbreak tweaks, users wised up and began downgrading to an earlier version of Snapchat.

Today, it seems that the venice, CA company has caught on to the downgrading trend, and is currently forcing users to upgrade to the most recent version of Snapchat so as to use its product.

Users who try and downgrade so as to figure round the jailbreak tweak stifling are currently being met with the earlier message once launching older versions of Snapchat.

The message is basically telling users to either update or don’t use Snapchat.

As you will recall, Snapchat has long had language forbidding “plugins” in its terms of use, however only in the near past started imposing those terms via account lock downs.

Interestingly enough, this stifling comes round the same time collectively of the favored Snapchat tweaks—Phantom—was updated to support geolocation spoofing. one in all Snapchat’s options is to gift special geolocation filters, primarily stickers, that permit users showcase wherever they're within the world. This ability to spoof has apparently hit a nerve with Snapchat, and it’s doing what it will to safeguard its product.

Will this game between Snapchat & Jail-break Developers continue? it's to be simply heating up, as word on the road says that the developer of Phantom is coming up with an update to avoid Snapchat’s restrictions.

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