Snapchat is blocking users who use Snapchat jailbreak tweaks.

If you’re an addict of Snapchat and you prefer to use Snapchat-oriented jail-break tweaks like Phantom, then note.It seems that Snapchat is setting out to confine on users who use jail-break tweaks with its app.

Phantom—one of the foremost well-liked jail-break tweaks for Snapchat—allows you to try and do things like spoof locations, save media, set custom notifications sounds, and some additional stuff.However apparently, Snapchat isn’t too keen on jail-break users having such perks, and have begun to block out users of those tweaks.

Fortunately, the block-out isn’t permanent—at least not,however once you disable the Snapchat tweaks, your account will be unbarred and you'll regain access to Snapchat sans any jailbreak tweaks on your device.

We only recently did a walkthrough of 1 of Phantom’s new features—a 1st for us.

@BreeDorado_ Snapchat won't work on jailbroken devices.

— Snapchat Support (@snapchatsupport) july 20, 2015

How to un-block your Snapchat account

Step 1: Un-install any Snapchat tweaks you have got

Step 2: head to and login to unlock

Step 3: Log back to the app once un-blocked

Snapchat unlock success

It’s not clear what strategies Snapchat is conducting to examine that “plugins” (aka tweaks) you have got put in on your device, however they're ready to devour Phantom.
Once I uninstalled Phantom, and un-blocked my account, i used to be ready to log back to the app with success.

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