Several anti-virus vendors have begun block uTorrent once examining the package as malicious or probably dangerous.
Additionally, Google Chrome is presently obstructing many pages on uTorrent's official webpage. consistent with the reports the favored file-sharing application is coupled to riskware and trojans.

With a lot of new downloads per month uTorrent is doubtless the foremost used Bit-Torrent applicant around.The package is that the main determinant of revenue for the Bit-Torrent inc,as it  generates revenue through advertisements and bundled package.

The latter currently seems to be inflicting hassle as many anti-virus vendors have begun listing uTorrent as a security risk.

The scanning result below from VirusTotal shows that a minimum of six anti-virus applications, together with ESET and Symantec, have flagged the package as problematic.
The anti-virus scans associate the uTorrent.exe file with Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT and a disputed OpenCandy bundling package. whereas this isn’t 1st time that uTorrent has been flagged like this, and haven’t seen it being described by this varied separate tests before.

In addition to action by the anti-virus firms, uTorrent is additionally being blocked by Google in many ways in which. once making an attempt to transfer the most recent stable version of the torrent applicant, Chrome flags the package as malicious and blocks the transfer, though this solely seems to happen periodically.

Google is additionally actively obstructing many pages that link to uTorrent and different BitTorrent inc. software. As per Google, elements of the uTorrent page contain “harmful programs.”

The same “harmful software” warning from Google additionally prevented a lot of folks from accessing well-liked torrent sites earlier this month.

A Google representative said that this was the results of the company’s exaggerated efforts restrict ing programs that create “unexpected changes” to people’s computers.

“Google Safe Browsing’s ability to discover deceptive package has a lot of improvement,” the co. explained in an exceedingly recent journal post.“In the approaching weeks, these detection enhancements can become a lot of noticeable in Chrome: users can see a lot of warnings regarding unwanted package than ever before.

These and therefore the different uTorrent threat reports all appear to be triggered by bundled third-party package bundled. there's no indication or proof that the BitTorrent client itself is harmful.

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