Was your profile compromised in the Ashley Madison hack?

The Impact Team Who hacked the Ashley Madison hack, leaked 10GB of its customers private data online on Tuesday, shortly followed by another 20GB of company’s internal data on Thursday.

The leaked the data contain the information like
  • Username
  • First and Last Names
  • Email
  • Encrypted passwords
  • Credit Card data
  • Address
  • Phone Numbers
After some time,Password of the leaked account is available on github in unencrypted form.

The data analysis firm Dadaviz has analysed the hacked data of the Ashley Madison website and revealed that thousands of the customers are from the Big tech companies including microsoft,apple,IBM etc...

About 36 million email address were exposed, including some fake email address.

If you think your profile is part of the Ashley Madison hack, then go the website ashley.cynic.al and enter the email address.
If you display the message as shown above in the image then your account was not compromised

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