How To Boost The Internet Speed Of Computer|Smartphone Using NetCut

Follow the Below steps to jam the wifi of target:

Step 1:

Fire up your kali linux machaine and open up a Terminal.
Step 2:

After this, run these command to ENABLED your MONITOR MOOD.
airmon-ng start wlan0

Step 3:

Now , Find the BSSID of taget network to do this we will run this command.
airodum-ng wlan0mon

This commad will Show all the available Networks in your your taget wiFi network and copy its BSSID.

Step 4:

Now its time to craet a WiFi jammer against our target wifi network.For this purpose we will use a tool named asAireplay-ng. With the help of this tool we will able to Deauthenticate our targer Wifi network.we will run a ATTACK in Aireplay-ng named as --deauth.For this purpose we will run this command:
aireplay-ng --deauth 20 -a [BSSID OF TARGET] --ignore-negative-one wlan0mon

when we run this command it will deauthenticat targt wifi network and the vicitm will not be able to use wifi.This Attack will disabled internet for all the user of your target wifi network

First have a look into How NetCut Works?

NetCut working on ARP spoofing technique in which it send some false message over a network and discover all the device connected to target access point.NetCut is working like a MITM attack. Netcut allow attacker to bring down the internet of any device.In simple term,we can say netcut is a network killer (Wifi killer)application.

Follow the below steps to use netcut

  1. Download and install NetCut 
  2. Restart your PC and run NetCut by clicking on the NetCut icon
  3. NetCut will scan your network and then display the list of different users connected to that network.
  4. Select any IP address and then click on “Cut OFF”
  5. The internet connection to that user will be disabled, hence letting you to use additional speed.
  6. To resume internet connection, just select the Ip address of that user(Whose internet was cut off) and click on “Resume”
  • You can also cut the internet of more than one user.
  • Steps are same for smartphone too.
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