Make The "TOR Connection" Exit Node More Secure Using Simple Script

To make the exit node of Tor more secure,"dustyfresh" published the open source tool on github called "nw.js".

This script allow the user to request the new exit node for Tor connection which make the Tor connection more secure.
Dustyfresh said,"I made a simple nw.js app just to test the concept of making an application that would allow you to control the onion router and request a new exit node / identity."
Tor is a anonymous way to  access the internet without being monitored.No one can track it back to you,However there is certain limitation and risks in "Exit node of TOR".When user requested for particular webpage on internet using TOR network then it goes through several randomly selected relays before exiting the Tor network.The last TOR relay,where traffic leaves the TOR network and and trying to connect open network is called Exit Node.

This prevent your ISP and website to know the IP Address and location of actual user.They can see the ip address and location of "exit node".So by this way "exit node" in TOR network can be monitored.

In other words,the last node where user leaves the tor relay and connect to open network can be monitored as shown in below image:

As per researcher,data transmitted using SSL and TLS is encrypted but it can be intercepted because addressing wrapper in SSL and TLS is unencrypted.However Tor hides the sender and receiver information.Even the relays don’t know who requested the traffic they’re passing along.

Tor relay means donating some of your computer's bandwidth to send and receive data on the Tor network. According to the Tor Project, the only requirement is having Internet bandwidth of 50 kilobytes (not kilobits) per second — about 10 percent of standard cable-modem bandwidth.

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