Here's How Yahoo! Maintain The Privacy Of User

Yahoo was recognized by the Electronic Frontier Foundation(EFF) for its security and maintaining privacy in concern to user data. The EFF recognized Yahoo’s for publication of a transparency report, its demand of a warrant before hand over user-data to the government authority and promise to aware|inform users prior to handing over user data to goverment.

Yahoo associate general counsel,Aaron Altschuler said:
“As always, we will continue our efforts to protect our users’ information from unclear, improper, overbroad or unlawful government requests"
Yahoo opposing mass surveillance and enabled https encryption across major web services like yahoo mail,yahoo search engine for encrypting user data.For protecting the data of user,company rolls out the end-to-end encryption on it's mail server.

Yahoo also published its transparency report for the first half year.As per report, the government requests for data on its users are up as compare to the last six months of 2014.
Yahoo received 5,221 government requests for user data out of which company disclosed the data of only 1,258 of those requests.

In March, Yahoo reported the data of last six months of 2014, and said 4,865 total requests received from the U.S. requesting a total of 9,752 user accounts and the company provided details of 1,157 cases.Yahoo provided the non-content data for 3,174 of the cases. Non-content data is information provided by users at the time of  registering the account with Yahoo. That data includes the provided user’s name, IP address and other user details.

The company also received 227 global emergency disclosure requests, which happen when governments seek information in emergency situations that could involve danger of death or serious physical injury.  percent of those requests were followed.

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