1. Adblock Fast runs only 7 filtering rules as compare to other ad blocker.So it is 
 more efficient.

  • AdBlock: 49,002 rules
  • Adblock Plus: 49,002 rules
  • Adblock Fast: 7 rules

2. Adblock Fast consumes 7x less kilobytes of disk.

  • AdBlock: 843 KB
  • Adblock Plus: 543 KB
  • Adblock Fast: 97 KB
3. Adblock Fast accelerates page loading 8x as many seconds.so page loading of adblocker fast is more as compare to adblocker and adblocker plus.

No ad blocker: 3.17s (control)
  • AdBlock: 2.84s (0.33s faster)
  • Adblock Plus: 3.23s (0.06s slower)
  • Adblock Fast: 2.10s (1.07s faster)
4. Adblock Fast consumes a 3x lower percentage of CPU.It help to save the resources of computer and power

  • AdBlock: 19.4%
  • Adblock Plus: 20.3%
  • Adblock Fast: 6.6%
5. Adblock Fast consumes 3x less megabytes of memory.so other application will run faster

  • AdBlock: 162.5 MB
  • Adblock Plus: 158.0 MB
  • Adblock Fast: 58.5 MB
These benchmarks aggregate data retrieved from EasyList and the Chrome Web Store and read off of Chrome’s task manager and developer tools while loading the top 10 news websites, uncached, with different ad blockers enabled on September 1, 2015. See the raw data.

AdBlocker Fast Extension is available for chrome,opera and safari browser

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