Fly And Control A Drone From A Web Browser

The Mozilla have developed a application that let the user to control the drone using a web browser.For Controlling the drone via browser,mozilla developed a new Bluetooth API to establishing the connection between drone and browser.This new bluetooth api is being developed at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) by the Web Bluetooth Community Group.
As we all know Bluetooth access is not available for web content. To do this, developers made some changes to Gecko and made sure that tab’s processes run with the correct Linux permissions.

Mozilla and google developer are Working on new Bluetooth API.When this Bluetooth API release in near future,it allow developer to make JavaScript-based web apps which let you control the all the bluetooth enabled device.

Currently this API is only limited to firefox os ,as API is in beta stage.The Mozilla team in Taipei developed a demo application for Firefox OS that could be hosted as a web page in which used they Bluetooth API to Control and fly the basic movement of drone.
As the web is changing, more and more devices are going online and becoming a part of the IoT revolution. Thus, we need newer ways to interact with them without much difficulty. This combination of the Physical Web and WebBluetooth will allow more experiments in the future and give birth to seamless interactions with our devices.
Source code of this API is available on GitHub and For more details Visit Mozilla’s blog. Mozilla Team also released the video as proof of concept as shown below:

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