Attacker Stealed Zero Day Bug From "Mozilla Bugzilla Bug Tracker" Tool

Attacker Steal Zero Day Bug From Mozilla Bugzilla Bug Tracker Tool
The company disclosed in a Friday blog post,attacker Obtained a privileged access in Mozilla account and also gain access into the Company Bugzilla Bug Trackers Tools.The attacker also steal some sensitive information and patched exploit from bugzilla,team said.
Bugzilla is a "Bug-Tracking System" which allow individual or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product effectively. Team released the latest version of mozilla 40.0.3 with the patched bug dated  27 August of last month.
Company had already shut down the compromised account After the breach was Discovered.Since that point, all users with access to security-sensitive information were required to change their passwords and opt into two-factor authentication.For Security purpose,Company reducing the number of users with privileged access
The company said it is “making it harder for an attacker to break in, providing fewer opportunities to break in, and reducing the amount of information an attacker can get by breaking in" following this incident.
The Mozilla team suggest the user to upgrade there browser to latest version of mozilla 40.0.3 for risk free surfing.

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