After latest Update Of Chrome ,Is Chrome 45 Performance is better than Microsoft Edge?

Few month ago,Gabe Aul, Microsoft's head of the Windows Insider program announced microsoft edge a browser which replace the earlier internet explorer .Edge is pre-installed in windows 10 OS.When edge was tested using Google Octane, Apple JetStream, and WebKit Sunspider,Microsoft Edge was 112% faster than Google Chrome on WebKit Sunspider, 11% faster on Google Octane, and 37% faster on Apple JetStream.

Now,Google Chrome comes up with major update,Google chrome  (version 45) claiming following improvement in it's latest update:
  • Less memory usage
  • Power Saving Technique
  • Fast pages load
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Tabs Restoring
  • Less Temporary,cache and junk

Latest Version of Chrome restore the tabs on the basis of most to least view.It means most viewed tabs will restore faster than other tabs.Chrome 45 stop restoring the tab when computer is running out of resources.. Apart from this,Chrome can now detect when a webpage is in hibernate position then switch to the background process like clean up old,cached and unused memory.Google Developers used a new JavaScript feature defined in the ES2015 specification for Managing the Tabs and memory.This new javascript would help to save 10% Ram.

A new setting introduced in chrome latest version 45 will auto-pause unused flash and block the ad's of sites.The company solves power consumptions as well with the release of its Chrome 45 as turning on this setting makes your battery last up to 15% longer depending on your operating system,claims the Chrome team.

Is latest Chrome 45 Performance is better than Microsoft Edge?,lend your opinion in the comment box below:

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