The New Programming Language in Open Sources Community Developed By Facebook-Hack Codegen

When developer or programmer hear about the Hack,first reaction is ,what is this?,is it related to hacking?.The answer is No.Hack is not related to hacking,hack  programming language has nothing to do with hacking.

Read the below F.A.Q to know details about hack.

  • What is hack?Who builded the hack programming language?
  • Who require the hack programming language?
  • Why hack programming language is required?
  • Why Hack is Open Source?
  • How to Use Hack Programming language?

Let's go into details one by one:

What is hack?Who builded the hack programming language?

Hack is a new programming language developed by facebook. Facebook release the beta version of hack programming language last year. Facebook open-sourced the whole programming language.Hack codegen library is used to write and generate the hack code,put the generated hack code into signed files which allow to protect the file from undesired modifications.

Who require the hack programming language?

Facebook engineers are using concatenating strings and other handful functions to perform basic task like name,age,Date of birth etc...They have to create many class for single,overcome from the problem,They developed a new programming language  called Hack,a higher level abstraction.Hack have the ability to perform the both static and dynamic programming language element.Hack codegen is useful for facebook enginners as well as for the developer to perform the routine work.

Why hack programming language is required?

Hack codegen library allow developer to use the code for many times.It can automatically do the  generation of classes, variables, methods, functions, interfaces and files.It includes  hack_builder, which deals with the concatenation, new lines, indentation, braces, hack keywords, collections.It help developer to reuse the code and also ability to re-generate code automatically when a schema is changed.

Why Hack Codegen is Open Source?

Hack codegen help developer to program faster and able to catch the error easily.It allow developer to automatically perform routine works. Facebook's software engineer Alejandro Marcu said:
"We've been using Hack Codegen at Facebook for a while. After seeing so much internal success, we open-sourced this library so that more people could take advantage of it."
Another reason is finding errors and bugs in the Hack programming language.

How to Use Hack Programming language?

The hack codegen is available on github.For hack programming language tutorial,Visit the website

Some basic example found on Facebook's software engineer blog Alejandro Marcu blog

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