How to disable Windows 10 Automatic update without using tool

Lot's of security and privacy issue found in windows 10,In earlier article we discussed,how to fix the multiple security and privacy issue of windows 10.Now,Without wasting your time,let's discuss how to disable windows 10 automatic update without using any tool,
Disable Windows 10 Automatic update

  1. Log in to windows 10 system as administration
  2. Now,Press Windows+R to Open the "Run" Command box  
  3. In the Run box,type SERVICES.MSC and press Enter.
  4. Now search For "Windows Update",Right Click On Windows Update Option and Click on Properties
5. On the Windows Update Properties, Click on General Tab.
6. Click on the Stop button under the Service status section
7. Allow Windows to stops the running Windows Update service.
8. Now in the general tab,Click On the dropdown of Startup type and select the option Disabled
9. Once Automatic update is disabled then user found the image as shown below in Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update directory:

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