Unblock the facebook Account:How to bypass the Facebook Friend Photo verificaton

Now a days,Facebook is working hard to improve the privacy of user.Apart from facebook user privacy,facebook is also working to detect the fake facebook account.From past few months,lots of user find the Pop-up on facebook account screen like "verify photo of friend" or "Verify the facebook account user name" by submitting the list of document.So follow the given below steps to bypass the friend photo verfication:

Steps to Bypass the Friend Photo Verification

  • Download and install any VPN here i am using Tunnel bear VPN service.
  • Create the account and login using your credentials
  • Now change private location by selecting another country eg japan
  • After selecting the country, click on Ok button
  • Now Tunnel bear will change the location to user specified country
  • After successful ,onnection open any browser and login to facebook account 
  • it’s Not Asking For Verify Photos, Its Asks For Date Of Birth Or Phone number Verification
  • Done

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