How to surf the Website|Blog offline without internet connection

It doesn't matter weather you are using android,windows or any other operating system.As you all know for accessing any website or blog,User require the internet connection.Without internet,user cannot load the website.However "HaKTuts" come up with the trick to surf the website offline without having the internet connection.

Follow the given below steps to surf the website without internet:

Steps to offline surfing for android users

  1. Download Offline browser from android Google play store.  
  2. Open the application and click on "+" icon
  3. Add the URL of website which you want to surf offline eg:
  4. After entering the URL click on Save button
  5. For first time it may take some time so go back and relax for while
  6. Done

Steps to offline surfing for windows users

  1. Download and install HTTrack website copier
  2. Open the HTTrack and click on next
  3. Provide any name to project In Name field
  4. Provide the directory to project
  5. Submit the URL of website in web address field
  6. Done


 The idea behind the offline free web site downloader is that the browser downloads a cached version of the web site that you would like to surf offline in its memory then serves you user when internet connection is not available.So, you primarily internet is required for downloading cached version of the web site of your selection however once downloaded, you'll access it offline and surf at even a lot of quicker than its usual speed.

The advantage of getting free web site downloader enabled offline browser and httrack is that you simply will browse quick without net as if the files square measure hold on in your disk memory of device.

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