is it true, blackberry providing 9 virtual Numbers on Single SIM in India?

In a revolutionary step, Canada-based communication firm BlackBerry has unconcealed that it's in talks with regulative authorities and medium operators in Asian nation to launch virtual SIM solution which will permit customers to assign to 9 completely different numbers through one SIM.

The company is prepared with the technology and is presently functioning on regulative clearances.
The company officers aforementioned that the technology may hit market by the tip of the year.

Blackberry had acquired virtual identity solutions supplier Movirtu last year. this can be a cross-platform technology, therefore users of iPhone or phone-based on robot or Windows OS may use it.

This technology permits a private to possess up to 9 identities employing a single SIM. whereas from technology perspective a user will value more highly to have 9 numbers from completely different operators, in india. The chance looks remote because the regulative surroundings in India doesn't permit the shoppers to settle on over one operator.

It ought to be noted that consistent with the reports from Reuters, with a market share thus skinny, the corporate is currently reportedly creating robot phones which will be discharged later this year. BlackBerry is troubled badly to match the customers’ expectations and has did not sustain with the robot and iPhone.

The company has at first panoplied the answer in sure elements of continent and is in discussions for roll-outs in Europe and different Asia Pacific countries yet. Once enforced the answer is anticipated to revolutionize the technology.

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