How to Disable Facebook Messenger Location Tracking on iOS

Want to Disable Facebook Messenger Location Tracker? i do know that your answer should be affirmative, because it is admittedly annoying to be tracked all the time.
Therefore, several users are seriously in want of such trick that may useful them to disable Facebook Messenger Location tracking on iOS. Since, the tracking feature is persist with Facebook’s messenger app that most of the users are running on their iPhone.
Additionally, does one apprehend that your that tracking data may be employed by any of your friend terribly easily? really, there\'s a chrome extension which may simply enable somebody to use any of their circle’s location data for any reason that puts your security on stake.

However,"Facebook is functioning for its hindrance however nonetheless they’ve not succeeded. Therefore, i might advocate you to disable this tracking feature for present so as to be secure and on the safe aspect."

Disable Facebook Messenger tracking Location

So, here I actually have gathered the best steps that you guys ought to apply so as to disable Facebook Messenger tracking location from your aspect. Now, while not taking abundant time of yours i might request you to urge towards the below piece of writing to explore a lot of regarding it.

1. First of all, go to Settings on your iPhone.

2. Then you wish to tap on Privacy from Settings


3. Now you wish to tap on Location Services.

4. Afterwards, you’ll have totally different choices, you wish to tap on Messenger.

5. Now, switch Messenger to Never.

6. This was it, your work is finished currently the remainder are done by your iPhone. it\'ll not enable Messenger to trace your location any longer.

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