Facebook convert the facial expressions into the cartoon face

Now-a-day facebook is working on lot's of new product and service.Few day ago,facebook has launched the Artifical intelligence ,now facebook come up with new feature to convert the facial expressions into the cartoon face and send your friends an appropriate cartoon face.

As per Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer, was speaking at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity that this might at some point work as additional communicatory and more expressive version of Like button.

Cox said users might build use of their smartphones to require a selfie as another to pressing Like button. Instead simply send that and therefore the algoritham might scan the user’s Facebook expression and alter it into an acceptable smiley/sad/frowning/indifferent face.

Cox clearly explicit that: “This isn't on our roadmap, we don’t know how to build this.. It really appears very oneroushowever it’s the sort of factor unfastened by the facility of all the various sensors on the phone.”

Ideally, if this idea works, Cox aforementioned Facebook may begin the format on a wider scale and it may become the desired customaryone thing like associate degree autoplay video that is currently turning into the quality across Facebook and also on the wider net.

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