Turns Any Surface Into a Touchscreen with lenovo smartphone

Lenovo just announced a phone with built-in projection keyboard and the best part is that it can turn any surface upon which its images appear into a touchscreen.

Lenova is the one and only company in build the world's first laser projection smartphone

Apart from this, a built-in kick-stand and variable bracket projector Transform any surface into a smart display

 At the conference, it was used to throw films onto a wall, as well a qwerty keyboard onto a desk and a musical keyboard onto a tabletop, both of which allow the user to interact with them

It is still in developent and  no status regarding when and where it is available for user.When the rumour mill suggested the iPhone 6 would come with a projectionkeyboard (which, incidentally, never happened) the internet lit up. But Lenovo has actually gone and done it; Smart Cast is a real product.

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