Latest D-Link routers devices can be Hacked Remotely by attacker

SEARCH-LAB team, revealing a total of 53 unique vulnerabilities in D-Link routers.Even a routers with the latest firmware is vulnerable to attack.In the past months,vulnerability found in several router.Now Researchers comes up with the new vulnerability in Dlink Routers.Some vulnerability are shown below:

Authentication can be bypassed in several ways, allowing an attacker to take full control over the device without the need to exploit any programming

Earlier vulnerability in the routers cause more problem like Injecting code,Remote access of device,Uploding file without credential etc...

Failed to change the default password of user,This is not a vulnerability but user is less concerned with the security and privacy 

List of device is vulnerable to attack:

  • D-Link DNS-320 (Rev A: 2.03)
  • DNS-320L (1.03b04)
  •  DNS-327L (1.02) 
  •  D-Link DNR-326 Professional NVR (1.40b03)
  • DNS-320B
  •  DNS-345
  •  DNS-325
  •  DNS-322L,

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