Apple recovers $40 million worth of gold by recycling old iPhones/iPads

Apple’s recycling efforts yield $40 million worth of gold from old devices

You probably know that Apple uses gold in manufacture of iPhones. What you didnt know that Apple was able to salvage nearly $40 million worth of gold from recycled iPhones. Apple has released its latest annual environmental report yesterday which reveals that Apple was able to recover some valuable (I mean really valuable) minerals from recycling its old products.

A report by Business Insider notes that Apple was able to recover over 61 million pounds of steel, aluminum, glass, and other materials from its computers and iPhones. The most valuable of them was of course, Gold. Apple was able to recover 2,204 pounds of gold, which is well over a ton.

Environmentalists will be happy with the commendable efforts by Apple in recycling has allowed it to actually recover a whopping 2,204 pounds of gold from old devices, which is worth approximately $40 million on the open market today. While Apple may be worth billions and billions of dollars, $40 million is still not a small amount by any means that too from recycling iPhones.

Recovering gold from old iPhones is one thing, but Apple also managed to harvest around 3 million pounds of copper that is worth $6.4 million, as well as 4.5 million pounds of aluminum that amounted to $3.2 million.

Such efforts are needed to be implemented by other companies like Samsung, LG so that we can make earth a nice place to live and also preserve scarce resources.

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