Why Millennials Don’t Want To Become Mark Zuckerberg Anymore

Millennials, also termed as the Generation Y, are often perceived as a highly educated, independent, and a group of diverse group of young people. The latest poll by the Washington Post and Harvard University’s Institute of Politics have outlined another striking trait of the 18-to-29-year old individuals.
The poll suggests that the Generation Y is looking to find a good job at some established company. This finding is opposite to the notion that Millennials are only attracted to the Hollywood-like success stories of young entrepreneurs.
The survey, conducted by Harvard, reveals that starting a new business and becoming an entrepreneur is the top-most priority or “very important” for just 31 percent Millennials. Surprisingly, more than half of them had a different aim i.e. a stable job with some vacation time.
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This answer could be directly connected to other questions that deal with spending time with family/friends and job stability. About 85 percent people called spending time with family and friends the important part of their lives. About the job stability, 53 percent Millennials want a job that offers stability even though it’s boring.
Only 24 percent of the participants said that they want to make a career in the field that benefits the society. Talking about the characters they admire the most, mere 11 percent respondents preferred Mark Zuckerberg while 27 percent chose Steve Jobs.
So, what could be the possible reasons? Why are independent Millennials obsessed with security? As outlined by Inc., the reasons include the burden of student loans, growing instability in the world, and concrete knowledge of things that could really earn billions.

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