Anonymous Declare War on Facebook! (2016)

Many Anonymous Posting on Facebook About Facebook Spam Filter and Their Accounts are getting blocked by Facebook for no Reason just doing freedom of Speech!
From last month Facebook is Giving Verifications and Banning People from their Community because of huge amount of Facebook Usage! They wanted to make sure Everyone having a single account on their community.

So called Freedom of Speech!
Greetings my fellow Anonymous brothers & sisters recently Facebook the biggest & most corrupt social media giant out there has been censoring profiles that are associated with Anonymous the reason for this being is that Facebook does not allow you to have any privacy what so ever & you are not allowed to be Anonymous now ask yourself this question why would they remove these profiles?? well the answer is simple these following people were Anonymous & wanted to remain Anonymous we will not stand by & watch our fellow brothers & sisters have their accounts being tampered with Facebook you shall expect us.
There more videos and News Posted About Anonymous Declare War on Facebook!
Since Anons are busy Doing Operations, Facebook Removing them from Joining and Doing Activism and fighting for there rights! So they are moving to other social communities like there own IRC Networks hidden Networks and Social Media!

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Let’s Find out Why Facebook Block?

The reason is because someone or you, tried accessing your Facebook account from a region or location not familiar with Facebook.

Another factor that could result to this is device. Yes sometimes the kind of device you use in accessing your Facebook account could result in your account temporarily blocked.
We know how much our Facebook friends mean to us and it would be very disastrous to wake up one morning to find out that your Facebook account is temporarily blocked, so inorder to prevent this, i have come up with some certain things to avoid.

1. Don’t Access your Facebook account using proxy servers. Proxy servers are anonymous ips used in accessing blocked sites, using such servers might cause negatively effect to your Facebook account. Through not all proxies affects, but proxies unknown to facebook will affect so i think its better you dont use them.

2. Prevent Using Too Many Devices In Accessing Your Facebook Account : Lately, there has been lots of devices that allow direct log on to Facebook thus allowing you to sign in to your account, am not saying this third party devices will cause harm but preventing the use of too many will definitely keep you on a safer side.

I think so far so good this are the common issues that leads to temporary locking of Facebook accounts based on my speculations but i really wonder why Facebook has to fix just one verification process which is very difficult to answer, i just hope they make things better when next mark does he’s changes as usual.

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