Vulnerability In Netgear Router Allow Attacker To Gain Access To "Admin Page Without Credentials"

ShellShock labs researchers identified the vulnerability in the netgear routers.Vulnerability allow the researchers to access the admin page of router without entering the credential.

Researchers discovered the vulnerability in Netgear router firmware N300_1.1.0.31_1.0.1.img, and N300-

Vulnerability in router allow the attacker to gain complete access to admin page and setting.Further attacker could do:

  • Man-in-the-middle-Attack
  • Manage Browser Request
  • Reconfigure DNS setting
  • Traffic Redirection
  • even,downgrade SSL to intercept and monitor the https traffic.

Here's how the attack works?

The attacker can easily exploit the router by reaching the web management interface, which is accessable by default in the internal network.With enabled remote administration,the attacker must have to be connected to the Internet and call a particular URL numerous times after initially failing to authenticate against the router; eventually they would gain access to the administration interface without prompting to enter credentials.

This vulnerability was already reported to netgear by Daniel Haake of Compass in the month of July.As per Daniel,vulnerability reported to netgear company by mail and chat.On Sept. 3,Almost after a month,Netgear sent daniel a beta firmware to determine if the issue had been patched adequately but before releasing the patch publicaly by netgear, Shellshock Labs disclosed the vulnerability publicaly on Sept. 29

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