Major Security Breach Exposed Around 15 Million T-Moblile Customer's Private Data.

Hackers stole the private info of around 15 million people, including Uncarrier users, from its credit reporting firm, Experian. The information stolen includes social security numbers, addresses, and phone numbers.

T-Mobile customers who signed up recently are more vulnerable —folks who joined between September  2013 & September  2015 may be among the hack targets.

T-Moblie CEO John Legere has confirmed the breach and is giving two years of credit auditing for folks who think that they may have been affected.
Here’s his full letter:

I’ve invariably said that a part of being the Un-carrier means that telling it like it is. Whether or not it’s good or bad news, I will be direct, transparent and reliable.

We were notified by Experian, a merchandiser that look after our credit applications, that their security have been breached & data stolen. The investigation is in progress, however what we all know that the hacker have acquired the records of around 15 million people, which also includes new applicants requiring a credit check for service or device finance from September 1, 2013 through September 16, 2015. These records embrace data like name, address and birthdate moreover the encrypted fields with Social Security & ID number (which contains driver’s license or passport number), and some additional data utilized in T-Mobile’s own credit appraisal. Experian has determined that this encryption may have been compromised. We have been working with Experian to take defensive steps for all of these consumers as soon as possible.

Obviously I am implausibly angry regarding this information breach and we will institute an intensive review of our liaison with Experian, but currently our top concern and first focus is in helping each & every consumers affected. I take our client and forthcoming client privacy more seriously. This is a big matter for us. I do need to assure our customers that neither T-Mobile’s systems nor network were compromised or were a part of this intrusion attack and this didn't include any payment card numbers or bank account details.

Experian has assured us that they had taken aggressive steps to enhace the security of its system and of our info.

People who have concern regarding the Experian’s information breach can sign up for two years of FREE credit auditing and identity resolution services at Moreover, you can view their Q&A at

T-Mobile’s team is here & prepared to assist you in any possible way we can. We've posted our own Q&A here to keep you informed about this issue.

We here at T-Mobile work very hard, privacy & security is of uttermost importance, so I will stay very close to this issue and that I will do anything potential to continue to earn your trust every day.

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