A Man With An Online Army Of More Than 13000 Infected Computers Arrested

A hacker named Sergey Vovnenko has been arrested for hacking into the computer network including Credential hacking,Credit card hacking,wire hacking etc...Apart from that,he operated an army of more than 13000 botnet.

He is an admin of criminal hacking forums "Botnet And Elite" .In other  hacking community,he was also known as  with the following name “Tomas Rimkis,” “Flycracker,” “Flyck,” “Fly,” “Centurion,” “MUXACC1,”  “Stranier,” and “Darklife,”.
According to the statement from U.S. Attorney’s Office,Vovnenko has been facing various charges which includes: wire fraud conspiracy, unauthorized computer access, and aggravated identity theft.

He has been extradited from Italy to face hacking charges in New Jersey court. The U.S secret service was tracking the Vovnenko for a long time and finally with the coordination of Italian Law enforcement agencies he was arrested last June in Naples while trying to stolen credit cards accounts. Italian law enforcement agencies has been investigating with him during all this time and finally they handed Sergey Vovnenko to U.S authorities to face criminal charges in New Jersey Court.

Vovnenko may face upto 30 years in prison for his Wire fraud conspiracy and also have to pay upto $1.5M in fines for his crimes of  Unauthorized Computer Access , Aggravated Identity Theft and Wire Fraud Conspiracy.

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