Windows 10 will now Share your Wifi Password with your friends & facebook friends.

Windows 10 –now available to users as a free upgrade to everyone – has an fascinating  new wifi feature known as "Wifi Sense".

This new feature will  shares your wifi passwords with your contacts i.e. your friends & even facebook friends.

When enabled,Wifi Sense sync your Wifi passwords with your contacts such as on Skype, Outlook & with further more setting enabled on – your contacts' Facebook friends, too.
It can be a quite productive feature that would help you to circulate a new wifi password through your whole work place within a couple of seconds.

"Wifi Sense", which was first debuted as a feature on Windows Phone 8.1, but it does not share the plain text password needed to access your wifi network, Instead it would connect your contacts using a password stored on Microsoft's servers.

For the Network you choose to share access to, the password is sent over an secured & encrypted connection and the password is stored in an encrypted form on Microsoft server, and then the password is sent over to a secure connection to your contacts' phone if they use Wi-Fi Sense and they're in range of the Wi-Fi network you shared - as said in a blog post by Micrsoft security researcher.

Yet there are still some concerns regarding the security of this feature.

It can be easy for someone who wanted to have access to your home or company Wifi network to simply befriend or a friend of a friend and then simply the car near to the building so as to be within wifi range.
Then –bang bang! Thanks to Wifi Sense, they can now have access to your private wifi network and can sniff around it.

Wifi Sense is by default enabled on all Windows 10 devices.
However If User want to opt-out his private network from the Wifi Sense system, then the user requires to type"_optout" into the relevant SSID i.e. the name of your Wifi Network.
e.g.if your Wifi SSID is Dlink then you need to change it to "Dlink_optout", in your settings – which seems far from intuitive.

"Wi-Fi Sense" gives people choices and benefits 
"What it doesn’t do is expose passwords, allow your friends to connect to your shared
 Wi-Fi, nor does it put your personal information at risk."
                                                                              - said by Microsoft Security Researcher

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