Access Photo and Contacts Of iOS 9 Without Pin

"Videosdebarraquito",A youtube user discovered a security flaw that let's anyone to see the photo and contacts of iOS 9 without password.
The vulnerability allows users to use Siri to access an iPhone owner’s private data, and it is very easy to exploit have access to data.

Here’s how it works:

On any PIN-protected iPhone device running iOS 9, enter an incorrect PIN four times. On the fifth attempt, enter just three numbers (iOS locks for 1 minute after five incorrect PIN attempts) and then hold down the home button to bring up Siri as you enter the fourth.
Video Demonstration

As you can see, this security hole allows anyone to access all of the private photos on a device, as well as all of the contacts. Bear in mind that throughout all of this, the phone is still locked.
Unfortunately, all of these users updated to iOS9 are vulnerable to a simple hack.

How To Protect iOS 9 Updated Device From Vulnerability 

All you have to do is disable access to Siri while the phone is locked by opening the Settings app and tapping “Touch ID & Passcode.” Then scroll to the “Allow access when locked” section and slide the toggle next to Siri to off. 
Siri is enabled by default on the lock screen though, so most users running iOS 9 are currently exposed.

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