Use Shodan Search Engine To Discover Internet Of Things(Device connected to internet)

Before go into details about how to use showdan search engine?,How to use shodan search engine to discover device connected to internet?. First let's understand what is Shodan?Shodan is nothing but a simple search engine,like google collect the data from different website and crawl the data wisely,and ranked them based on the google algorithm. Shodan search engine collect the data of device connected to Internet like Server,router,smartphone or any other device connected to internet.

In the deep web or dark web,people call shodan search engine as search engine of hackers or Google for Hackers.

In the recent past,Thousand of Britons data leaked from hard drive and get published on shodan search engine.Leaked data includes:
  • Personal Records
  • Medical Records
  • Photograph
  • financial record
  • Other sensitive document available in the hard drive.

The bad part is anyone with the access of shodan search engine can easily download the data from site using a simple search qwery. It is as simple as that searching the data on google.

According to security expert,security flaw in hard drive allow the shodan user to collect the data from hard drive.Security expert speculate that thousands of britons hard drive can be hacked using shodan search engine .This allow the hacker to search the flawed device and download the information from flawed device.

A CERN Lab,company running the private server also get compromised with the Flaw in hard drive.Analytics report that,details of thousand of million of device connected to internet are available on shodan search engine.This flaw let the hacker to locate the device,Software running the device any many more which allow hacker to exploit the victim device.

How to use shodan search Engine

  • SignUp and login for Shodan search engine
  • In the search bar,Write"Iomega" and press enter
  • This qwery will discover the all flawed storage device as shown in image below:

Note: Shodan is free for few number of search,full membership costs $49.

Hackers found the flaw in hard drive(Storage device) made by company named Iomega.This Lenovo admitted the problem for its Iomega hard drives, confirmed that it has already fixed the issue since last year.
A spokesman said: ‘Lenovo addressed these concerns in 2014 whereby new devices did not have this problem and a fix was made available to existing customers.’

How to protect the device connected to internet?

Always keep the device connected to internet up to data,Use strong security password to protect the hard drive b'coz simple password can be gussed and brute-forced.Apply the update and patch available on official website. Configure the device connected to internet properly.

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