How to use apt-get and Chocolatey in latest windows 10 OS.

As per the microsoft latest report,Windows 10 is already installed in 14 milion device but very few people knows about the windows 10 latest feature "One-Get" which is similer to "apt-get" and "Chocolatey".So we can say One-Get is apt-get for windows.

How to run OneGet Manager in windows 10 OS?

  1. GoTo Windows PowerShell Prompt.
  2. Type "Get-PackageProvider" in PowerShell.
  3. User will see the packet manager with registered OneGet as shown below:

C:\> Get-PackageProvider

Name Version

---- -------

Programs 10.10.10240.18385

msu 10.10.10240.18385

msi 10.10.10240.18385


How to view the installed programs and packeges in the Computer using OneGet

  1. GoTo Windows PowerShell Prompt.
  2. Type "Get-Package" in PowerShell.
  3. OneGet will show the output as given below:

C:\> Get-Package

Name Version

---- -------

123D Design R1.3 1.6.44

Windows Driver Package - Ge... 06/04/2012 8....

Windows Driver Package - Ge... 06/19/2013 8....

Windows Driver Package - FT... 01/27/2011 2....

JRuby 1.7.16 1.7.16

Windows Driver Package - ST... 11/09/2011 3....

EPSON NX410 Series Printer ...

Intel Edison Device USB driver 1.2.1

How to install any software using OneGet in windows 10

  1. Install Chocotlatey plugin via Command "get-packageprovider -name chocolatey"
  2. When user installing the packages for first time then it will prompt to install NuGet as well hit "yes" for both 
  3. Now i want to install vlc player then command will be "install-package vlc"
  4. Done,VLC installed successfully


Chocolatey is an open source apt-get-like machine-wide package manager that you can use today, even if you don't have Windows 10.
OneGet isn't Microsoft's version of Chocolately. But there is a beta/preview Chocolatey provider that plugs into OneGet so you can use OneGet to get Chocolatey packages and install them.
Other things worth noting, even though OneGet is in the box for Windows 10
For more Details of OneGet Visit

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