How to turn any smartphone into an amazing 3D hologram.

Hologram projectors have become a lot  and a lot of trendy these days.

It's theorised that at intervals the following twenty years, holograms can be a daily part of our lives because the technology becomes a lot  and a lot of prevailing. For us, we will not wait that long.

We need holograms without any delay.

YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss has puzzled out a simpe approach for your own hologram projector for fewer than 5 lids.

You'll need:

- A graph paper (That's the one you utilized in Maths class)

- CD Case (Use that Savage Garden CD you found once cleansing out your old bedroom)

- Tape or Super-Glue (Caution: Do not stick your fingers together)

- Pen (The factor with the ink in it)

- Scissors (Sisters. Sorry, force of habit.)

- Knife or Glass Cutter (It's gotta be sharp enough to slit plastic, obviously)

- A smartphone capable of connecting to the web (D'uh, obviously)

Assembled all these? nice. See the video below:

Pretty cool, eh? It takes a little bit of DIY and then forth,  it is a very nice little party piece.

Here's a link to the hologram-specific video he mentioned, just in case you opt to place this factor along.

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