How to setup whatsapp web client in iOS|Android smartphone

Whatsapp web client is the extension of phone which allow to run the whatsapp in Android|iOS smartphone and Browser simultaneously.Previously this extension is available for all major Operation system like android,microsoft,blackberry except iOS.So To avail the benefit of whatsapp web,iOS user have to jailbreak the smartphone but good news for iOS user as whatsapp web client for iOS is now officially rolling.

Follow the below steps to run the whatsapp web client in android and ios device.

How to setup whatsapp web for iOS smartphone?

  1. Open the SAFARI Browser
  2. Follow the given link
  3. After open the above URL,you can see the QR Code as given below:

4.Scan the above QR CODE with iPHONE using whatsapp mobile application

5.After scanning the Code,both the device will be automatically paired

How to use whatsapp web on android device.

  • Open in your Google Chrome browser
  • Scan the QR CODE with Android using whatsapp mobile application
  • User will automatically get paired between whatsapp web client and smartphone whatsapp
  • Connection established
Earlier whatsapp web for android is limited to Chrome browser but now user can also run the whatsapp web in safari browser.

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