How to Hack|Crack wpa wpa2-psk wifi using social engineering technique WIFIPHISHER


  • Kali Linux.
  • Two wireless network adapters; one capable of injection.
  • Wifiphisher script 
Follow the given below steps to hack|Crack wpa/Wpa2-Psk encrypted wifi using social engineering toolkit WIFIPHISHER:

 Step 1: Download WifiPhisher file from github

git clone
Step 2:Change the current directory to wifiphisher
cd /wifiphisher
Step 3:Check whether both the wireless interface is connected using command
Step 4:Run script using command
sudo python
Step require the additional  file to run script ,allow wifiphisher to download file

Step 6:Now disconnect both the wifi from internet and rerun the script using command given below:
sudo python
if above command will not work then type given below command with advance options
sudo python -jI wlan0 -aI wlan1
Now wifiPhisher will scan the wifi access point.Press Ctrl+c to stop scanning and select the wifi access point to hack and deauth.

Now wifiphisher, deauth|disconnect the all device connected to victim wifi access point and starting the fake access point
Note: wlan0 and wlan1 wireless interface.This may vary.Check yours using command 
Wifi phisher will take some time to deauth the connected device and force device to connect to fake access point created using script,Once device is connected to fake access point,User will see the fake wifi administration page which request user to enter the wifi password.As and when user enter the password,Wifiphisher will show the entered password in terminal.
Follow Below Link For Video Tutorial

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