DDos attack on github bring down the site for several hours

Massive DDos attack detected on github.com a popular website,Software collaborator for open source project and community Github.com was down for several hours due to massive ddos attack.

March month of this year,github suffered from massive ddos attack which bring down the github service for next five days,now followed by another ddos attack on last tuesday.

Earlier github attack was detected from chine.The attackers injected malicious JavaScript code into the pages of these websites that was accountable for the hijacking of their to redirect to Github.

Anthr@x from Insight-labs detected that those websites was serving advertisements and following code from Chinese Baidu, the code utilized by attackers and instructs browsers to visit github.com in every 2 second which followed by large amount of traffic hitted the github.com

Dave Larson, CTO at Corero Network Security, told SCMagazineUK.com that while the previous attack suffered by GitHub appears to have been driven by a nation state, it's too early to tell who is responsible for this most recent attack or what the motivation might have been.

Have a look on below image for complete Timestamp of attack,service restored etc...

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