Yahoo Search Engine Replacing search Algorithm from Bing to Google

Yahoo has confirmed it's testing Google’s search results, one thing that’s allowed below its recently renegotiated contend with Microsoft.

Until recently, Yahoo trusted Microsoft’s Bing for its search results. However, once Yahoo renegotiated the deal this past Aprilthey opened up the possibility to try other search partners.
Aaron Wall of SEO Book noticed Yahoo using Google’s results in the weekthe corporate has since confirmed this with search Engine Land, saying:

As we tend to work to make absolutely the best experiences for Yahoo users, from time to time, we tend to run tiny tests with a range of partners as well as search providers.

Yahoo magnified the flexibleness on desktop search. below the new deal, fifty one of its desktop search traffic must carry Bing ads. the remainder will carry ads but Yahoo likes — either from its own Gemini system or different partners.

It may be that Yahoo has found out different non-exclusive deals with Google or maybe they're testing such a deal within the wild.

Here square measure screen shots from Wall showing Google powered Yahoo Search results:

Bing powered yahoo search result

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