Popcorn Time Domain-Name Seized

The most well-known Popcorn Time fork has lost management of its domain-name. Popcorntime.io was taken over by the domain name registry and therefore the name is currently listed as "reserved". At initial sight it  seems to not be full of the domain-name issues.

popcorntime Dubbed the “Netflix for Pirates,” the Popcorn Time app quickly gathered a user base of various individuals over the past year.

Its growing-popularity has additionally drawn the eye of copyright holders, who’ve created many tries to shut the service down.

Today Popcorntime.io, the first and most used Popcorn Time fork, became the target of the most recent takedown effort.

A few hours past the domain name’s stat was updated to “reserved,” that effectively means the  internet registry Bureau has taken over their name.

The UK-based registry earlier took hold of The Pirate Bay’s .ac domain-name also.

Popcorntime.io is “reserved”

The name should still work for a few if the DNS entries is cached, however it\'ll shortly be out of stock all over.

At first sight the Popcorn Time application itself seems to be simply fine, presumably it doesn’t use the .io domain for any crucial functions.

Popcorntime.io  does\'nt resolve

The server of the Popcorn time website is additionally unaffected. this suggests that folks when enter the direct IP-address will still see the site’s homepage. However, none of the links work, such as the download, as these all resolve to the .io domain.

The most possible situation  is that the Popcorn Time team can switch to a brand new domain-name. They already own popcorntime.re and popcorntime.cc however at the time of writing each resolve to the original domain.

The Popcorn Time team informs  that they weren\'t advised regarding any changes to the domain. The team confirms that they cannot not modify or update the domain-name and is attempting to seek out out additional detail. meanwhile, they switched to popcorntime.re and popcorntime.cc.

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