How To Send Messages from Android Phones Into Mac Message App.

Apple’s Messages app on a mac OS could be a neat way to chat along with your iPhone while not
having to pick up your phone. However, it doesn’t work if you\'ve got android device. Until now. SMS integration for iChat permits you to send & receive text messages from an android phone via Messages.

The app runs on your phone and relays your text messages to the Messages app on a mac. The service offers you a free 5 messages per day, tho\' if you wish to exceed that, it prices $12.99 annually. whereas that looks steep for 6 messages, presumptively the worth tag is additional targeted for those that are going to be texting all the time. If you’re forever learning your android phone whereas sitting at a mac, and you prefer Apple’s Messages app, this is often a pleasant compromise.

Here's the Step Below:

1.Download the app 

2.Create an account by typing a username and a password.

3.Once you produce an account, open up Messages (iChat) app on your Mac OS.

4.Click on Messages->Add account from the top menu bar.

5.Select different messages account and click on Continue

6.Change Account type to Jabber

7.Enter your username into account Name box. Your username ought to be e.g.

8.Enter your password

9.Leave Server choices section blank and click on Continue.

10.You will currently see all of your android contacts on-line on the Messages app..

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