A New SnapChat Tweak That Lets Jailbreak-Users bypass the Snapchat ban hammer.

A new jailbreak tweak for Snapchat simply launched, and it works on the newest version of Snapchat—version—without inflicting a account block.

As you’ll recall, Snapchat started cracking down on Snapchat-oriented jailbreak tweaks once an update to at least one of the well-liked  tweaks (Phantom) allowed users to spoof locations and snag in demand filters from places across the globe.

Though an update to Phantom is claimed to get on the manner, a brand new update to a different Snapchat-centric tweak—Snapchat+— is that the 1st  that truly lets users bypass the Snapchat ban hammer.

To find Snapchat+, add the subsequent repo to your list of Cydia sources:


Once the repo is there, look for Snapchat+ version 1.2r-9. this is often the version that permits users to avoid being lock out with the newest version of Snapchat, and still have the benefit of the tweaks it provides.

Snapchat+ Settings

Snapchat+ can enable you to try and do several things that Snapchat ordinarily doesn’t enable you to try and do. these items include:

Auto saving snaps
Disable snap countdown
Disable read receipt
Spoof Snapchat settings
Save chat messages
Disable screenshot log
Disable shutter sound
There are, of course, different options to be found in Snapchat+, investigate the page on Cydia for additional info.

Obviously, with Phantom being the foremost well-liked Snapchat-centric tweak, several are going to be waiting till it receives its update. however within the in the meantime, this not solely proves that bypassing the lockout is possible, however Snapchat+ might o.k. offer all of the options that you simply want.

With all of that aforesaid, as we’ve expressed before, you\'re taking a risk by continued to use tweaks that Snapchat is seemingly powerfully against. Don’t blame us if you account lands up forever banned; you’ve been warned!

 It seems that Snapchat has outright disabled its auto-ban for users of Snapchat-centric tweaks. this suggests that this tweak, and alternative tweaks (such as Phantom) ought to currently work.

Whether or not this is often an extended term or short term factor remains to be seen. till Snapchat comments on this, remember that you’re still taking a risk.

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