Trick To Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from Gallery Without Using any App.

Trick to hide Whatsapp pictures and Videos from Gallery– we all tend to live in a smarter world. Hold on a second, a smart world doesn’t mean smart individuals, however what it truly suggests that is that phones are smarter than the individuals. Yes, that's true.
We all are encircled by technologies. Well, all the smart phones are solely good as a result of their applications. without these applications, a smart phone is simply a normal device to call and text. Speaking of text, one amongst the wide used application for this purpose is WHATS APP. it's not solely quick however additionally permit you to send your friends, pictures, videos, location, sound notes, songs etc.

All these options have killed the likes of traditional texting techniques, which of them were terribly celebrated among the kids of that point, currently thought-about recent. Whats app creates plenty of information in your cell phones generally.
Its videos and images are often seen within the gallery, wherever all of your images are present from completely different folders.

This may appears like a tangle for a few of you as a result of you would possibly have that someone, whos images you not need anyone else to ascertain. Well, not solely your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s photos are there, however additionally photos from your families and even your college time dirty teams may be seen within the gallery.
There is no trick from that we are able to hide the pictures while not truly deleting them, till now! we tend  to tell you the trick you all are anticipating, HIDE WHATS APP FILES. we'll give you steps to cover whats app information in IOS i.e. APPLE IPHONE  and also Android DEVICES.

For iOS Users

Step:1  Goto Settings

Step:2   Now goto privacy settings

Step:3   Now tap on Photos(Now you will see the list of apps that have requested access to your Photos)

Step:4   Now just toggle the WhatsApp permission off

Thats it done .

For Android Users

Step:1  Download any File manager app from playstore (e.g. ES File Explorer)

Step:2   Now open file manager app and explore your Phone

Step:3   Now goto your sdcard detail and there you will see your WhatsApp folder.

Step:4   Just tap and hold the WhatsApp folder, a list of options will appear

Step:5   Now all you have to do is rename the folder.
             e.g. "Pictures" now rename it and insert ".Pictures"

Thats it now all your photos in the pictures folder will be hidden

Note: To view the above hidden folder just follow the given below steps
            1. Open the file explorer
            2. Now goto settings
            3. And now just check the option show hidden files
Now you can easily see the hidden files/folder.

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