The first 100% confidential Mailbox!, Even from NSA.

Own-Mailbox a home-plugged personal email server, with robust privacy protection measures integrated at its core. It provides self-hosted email addresses, or connects along with your existing email address. In each cases you\'ll be able to seamlessly send and receive encrypted emails from anyplace within the world, through Own-Mailbox webmail, Smartphone app, or through associate external email software system (Thunderbird, Outlook, ...).

Own-mailbox, is extremely simple to set-up and use: as simple as a gmail account.

Own-mailbox automatically encrypts your emails with gnu Privacy Guard, a robust encryption software package, identical software system as utilized by Edward Snowden (as within the motion picture citizenfour).

Own-mailbox permits you to send and receive 100% confidential messages even with those who do not use email coding however. For this purpose we have a tendency to introduce PLM, a replacement technique consisting in causing to your correspondent, a filtered and temporary HTTPS link, inform to your personal message hosted on your Own-Mailbox.

Own-Mailbox features:

1. You can produce 100 percent self-hosted mailboxes.

2. Own-Mailbox permits you to simply send associated receive confidential emails with an already existing email address, from any laptop/pc within the world.

3. Strong personal key cryptography with GNU Privacy Guard.

4. Private Link Message methodology, permits you to send a confidential message even to those that do not use encryption, by sending them a brief and filtered HTTPS link.

5. Private Folder: build your most non-public information accessible solely from home, not from web.

6. Easy access to logs, thus you'll be able to check nobody is accessing your emails without your consent.

7. Integrated Framasoft services, to supply you with personal massive file sharing, event planning, shared programme and documents.

8. Optional P2P backup, thus even though your Own-Mailbox is offline briefly you do not lose any email from your self-hosted addresses as long as you maintain seventieth up ratio.

9. If you can not plug your Own-Mailbox to a stable web-connection, plug it in mini-usb to your laptop/pc, access your recent and new emails with our recovery package.

10. 16GB storage,possibly extend the  memory or do backup via USB drive/HDD.

11. Very low power.

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