Ninja- A Lightweight Web Browser with adblock (without root) .

Basically Ninja is simple browser like several others, however there are some various things you would like to know:


Custom home:

  • First login Ninja, home show as about:blank.
  • Use the overflow menu's add to home to pin webpages.
  • Use the overflow menu's Relayout to custom your home.
  • Long endure a card of home, you'll be able to edit it title.

Switch tabs:

  • You can set tab switcher position in screen top or screen bottom at Setting/Browser/Tab Position.
  • Press the address bar and drag it down or up, then the style tab switcher can show.
  • Swipe up/down to dimiss a page.
          Or just swipe the omnibox left/right to change tab :)

The Settings is found within the top or bottom left of tab switcher, the gear icon.

Remember that if the soft keyboard is shown the tab switch function wouldn't works.

Load in background after you click links in different App:

  • Set Ninja as your default browser once click links.
  • Single faucet can open links in background, and show a clickable notification in statusbar.
  • Double faucets can show a dialog that permits you to open links in foreground, etc.

AdBlock whitelist:

  • Since AdBlick perhaps cause some websites show error, you'll add they to Setting/AdBlock/Whitelist.

  • Ninja support read mode however it want the token of Readability.
  • To get the token you must move to Readability Developer Apis to urge your own token and set it in Setting/Readability/Token.

  • Ninja supports capture entire webpage operate.
  • But that's not means that you may screenshot an extended long long webpage(OOM, etc).

However it doesnt support incognito mode due to developer issue, but you can add incognito mode if you want as its source code are open.
Github Source Code

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