How to check all the things like application,service and websites connected to google account?

Google:The front page of the Internet provide lot's of popular service like gmail,google search engine,google app engine,google photo sharing and many more.user can easily Connect there gmail account with many popular google service.Apart from google, lot's of website provide google plugin to create account in there website as "Sign In with google".It means user can use one account for lots google and non-google product and service.
So very first question raise in my mind,how to keep track of all these connected products and service then i found the Google inbuilt function 

1.Login to Google account

2.Click on "Account overview"

3.Click on "View Dashboard" after click on view dashboard you will see the screen as given below:

4.Click on "Expand all" button to see all details about account as given below:

  • Last login location,Operating system and browser of account
  • Connected application and sites
  • Details of android smartphone and installed application
  • Google docs,calender and photo
  • Location
  • Google search history

Note: This may also help user to track the lost smartphone by click on "Manage active device " and then see the present location of device even user can also "Ring" and "Enable Lock and erase" the data of smartphone

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