Developers hack Apple WatchOS2 to run native apps

Developers Steve Troughton-Smith and Adam Bell, with the assistance of saurik, have managed to hack watchOS II to run fully-native apps.
Troughton-Smith announce a video last night showing proof of the accomplishment.

In the demo below, the team managed to induce a totally interactive 3D object running on the Apple Watch hopped-up by Apple’s SceneKit framework.

The big deal here is that although Apple says that support for native apps is coming back in watchOS II, developers are still about to be restricted on what they'll do. This hack, however, breaks those limitations, permitting the utilization of all accessible iOS UI frameworks.

The hack ought to additionally give a ray of hope for people trying forward to AN Apple Watch jailbreak. This, of course, isn't a jailbreak itself, and therefore the trio aren’t giving any details on the hack. however simply the very fact they were ready to skirt Apple’s limitations is nice news.

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