Apple Watch Hacked Running 20-Year-Old Mac OS.

Developer Nick Lee on Monday denote a video showing off his Apple Watch running a 2o-year-old macintosh OS. Lee’s watch is running the watchOS II developer beta, similarly because the mini vMac Macintosh Emulator, and therefore the macintosh OS you see loading up is version 7.5.5, that was initial introduced in 1996.

Of course, with such alittle screen and no external input devices, not a lot of stuff can be done once macintosh OS 7.5.5 is up and running, however it’s still an amazing deed. Just think, twenty years past this package needed a full-blown laptop to run, and currently it will be through with a small device which will be worn on your wrist.

Developers are performing some pretty crazy stuff with the Apple Watch as these days, together with hacks to run native apps, browsers and even games.

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