Active fake mobile phone towers found in Uk Listening user calls

More than twenty “intrusive” fake portable towers that listen in on public conversations are found active within the GB, the primary time the technology has been detected within the country.

The IMSI catchers, additionally called Stingrays, are found to be operative in London, however the Metropolitan Police have refused to mention World Health Organization is dominant them or what's being finished the data they're gathering.

IMSI stands for International Mobile Subscriber Identity – a singular range that identifies users on their phone network.

The disputed police investigation technology, employed by police forces round the world, is purportedly for catching criminals’ communication by intercepting data on its thanks to the network.

How it Works?

It tricks mobile phones into thinking the Stingrays area unit phone masts, in order that handsets hook up with the tower and every one the info flowing through them is collected – however the masts area unit unable to differentiate between criminals and everybody else.

Who created IMSI Trackers?

A Sky News investigation situated the masts victimization technology created by GSMK Cryptophone, a German security company, and located over twenty of the scoundrel(Fake) towers in 3 weeks.
Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe wouldn't ensure or deny that his force was victimization the technology, telling the channel that “the solely those who profit area unit the opposite facet, and that i see no reason in gifting away that kind of thing”.

He said: “If individuals imagine that we’ve got the resources to try and do the maximum amount intrusion as they worry concerning, i'd reassure them that it’s not possible.”

Stingrays area unit oft employed in the USA by police to watch suspects, tho' the utilization of them is inevitably subject to heated discussion as they'll listen in on anyone’s calls, even while not a warrant. The yank Civil Liberties Union has referred to as the towers “incredibly invasive”.


Scotland Yard was aforementioned to possess bought a number of the IMSI towers in 2009 and commenced victimization them last November, per reports, though it's the primary time proof has been found that they're operational. Keith Bristow, the director-general of the National Crime Agency, said: “Some of what we'd prefer to point out to urge the talk up on and logical, we can’t, as a result of it might defeat the aim of getting the ways within the 1st place. Frankly, a number of what we want to try and do is intrusive, it's uncomfortable, and therefore the vital issue is we have a tendency to set that out brazenly and recognise there area unit troublesome selections to be created.”

Eric King, deputy director of Privacy International, aforementioned it had been time police forces stopped pretence the IMSI towers didn’t exist, that the public may perceive the legal framework behind them. He said: “This spying tool has featured in everything from The Wire to Zero Dark Thirty. firms area unit marketing them on the gray market to anyone World Health Organization pays. the sole issue we have a tendency to don’t understand is what the police do to shield individuals from their use by criminals, and once they use them, what legal frameworks ensures they’re properly used?

“In Associate in Nursing urban house, thousands of people’s mobile phones would be swept up therein dragnet. What they are doing thereupon information, we have a tendency to don’t understand. we all know police are victimization them for years, however this can be the primary time that it’s been shown that they’re being deployed within the GB.”


Tim  Johnston, a lawyer World Health Organization specialises in police investigation law, told Sky News: “Because it’s neither confirmed nor denied, we have a tendency to merely don’t understand on what basis they [IMSI catchers] area unit getting used – if they're getting used. we have a tendency to don’t savvy they’re being overseen. we have a tendency to don’t understand the statutory basis that’s being relied on, as a consequence we have a tendency to don’t understand World Health Organization – if anyone – is overseeing that use.”

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