Latest scam: Facebook work from home

You might have seen lately on your Facebook newsfeed - or on the other social media outlets - that Facebook is hiring nowadays. Apparently they are looking for people interested in joining their "Work at Home Program" and making money from the comfort of their bedroom. Mentions of the program being featured on CNN, US Today, or ABC might make you want to give it a try.

The scam is currently going to an outside URL, which I won’t post out of respect for our readers. Given that the program claims to work with Facebook, but then goes to an outside URL, should prove to users instantly that this is another Facebook hoax. On the outside page the creators of the scam claim that users are earning $257 per day with the new Facebook work from home program.

As and when user click on the link,found the page as show below:

Further proof is given when you try to leave the page and a popup box asks if you really want to leave the page as show below:

Facebook has over one billion users and would never need to resort to practically begging you to stick around to work for them.
Remember, if you have to ask yourself if a Facebook Work From Home program is a hoax, the answer is always a big resounding yes.

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