Brillo OS: for smartphone and Internet of Things

Following the enormous success of Android, Google is reportedly developing its upcoming operating system to enhance the Internet of Things. The Information reports that the new operating system, Brillo, would power any internet-connected electronic device. The OS would be able to operate the device even if the gadget lacks a digital display.

According to The Information, Brillo is Google’s lightweight Android-based OS specifically built for lower memory devices like smart home products, and is expected to unveil on Google’s I/O conference next week in San Francisco – May 28 and May 29.
Google’s Android unit is reportedly working to release the Brillo OS under the Android brand. At present, that latest Android OS for mobile phones works with at least 512MB of RAM, but according to people familiar with Google’s Brillo OS development, this is aimed at low-powered devices with as little as 32 or 64MB of RAM.
So this is essentially to give other companies a platform to build products from smart door locks to smart fridges to light bulbs to garden monitors and other smart sensor integrated devices for connected home and more.

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